Auntie Anne’s and food safety

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After a tedious ride back from New York this weekend, I wanted to stop at the rest area for a bottle of water on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

 McDonald’s Corporation – Charlton East

508 248-0517

P O Box 426

Charlton, MA  01508

 My husband who was driving, offered to go in and retrieve one for me. The real motive was to get a snack. When he returned to the car with a packaged cookie, he relayed the following story to me in excruciating detail.

He wanted to get pretzel, Auntie Anne’s had the fresh baked pretzel smell that you can only get when you have traveled for three hours. These pretzel franchises make the pretzels on site. The three or four people in line smelled the freshly baked pretzels, as well as my husband, so waiting in line made the anticipation that much greater.

He watched the food handlers use the food handling gloves to serve the pretzels. Another woman took the money and so it went until they had to make the pretzels. The money handler was also the pretzel maker of the evening. Here is the gross part.

 The pretzel maker (aka cashier) didn’t change her gloves after taking the money and handled raw pretzel dough. My husband was totally disgusted (remember the pretzel smell) and bought a pre-packed cookie.

 According to the website, there are 1,000 franchises.

From the corporate website: “It’s the “love at first bite” felt by those who have tasted an Auntie Anne’s pretzel.

It’s the lines of people hungry for a fresh, hot, golden brown soft pretzel from the world’s largest soft pretzel chain.

It’s the collaborative spirit of a company that sees the value brought by every one of its franchisees and employees, a spirit demonstrated by the respectful and rewarding relationship between our franchisees in the field and our corporate office employees.

It’s a business model that’s proven through increasing domestic sales, average net store sales, and continued unit growth. “

 He handled me my bottled water and relayed this story for me to blog.

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