Recalled HVP products

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Modern Products, Inc.  recall of products  with HVP (Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein) supplied by Basic Food Flavors because the ingredient has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.


Vegetable Broth, 4 oz

UPC 0-75820-17804-8

Lot code: 9L08, 10B11

Vegetable Broth, 8 oz.

UPC 0-75820-18008-9

Lot code: 9K09, 9K10, 10A14


Original Magic!, 3 oz

UPC: 0-75820-00000-4

Lot code:  9J19, 9J20, 9K12, 9K13, 9K16, 9K30, 9L16, 9L17, 9L28, 9L29, 10B10, 10B11, 10B12, 10B15, 10B25, 10B26

Seasoning, 7 oz 

UPC  0-75820-20408-2

Lot code: 9J21, 9L01, 9L17, 9L28, 9L29, 10B15, 10B18

Seasoning, 14 oz

UPC  0-75820-20616-1

Lot code: 9L03, 9L17, 9L21, 9L30, 0A12, 10A13

Seasoning, 5 lb. bulk 

UPC  0-75820-30030-2 

Lot code: 9K05, 9K09, 9K10, 9K16, 9K17, 9K30, 9L18, 9L21, 10A18, 10B17, 10B18, 10B19

Vegit Magic!, 2 oz. 

UPC  0-75820-00002-8 

Lot code: 9K02, 9L16, 10A19, 10B12

Vege-Sal Magic!, 4 oz.     

UPC  0-75820-00001-1

Lot code: 9K02, 9K03, 9L29

Hot ‘n Spicy Magic!, 2.5 oz.

UPC 0-75820-00005-9

Lot code: 10A19, 10B15

Tenderizer Magic!, 3-3/4 oz 

UPC 0-75820-00003-5

Lot code: 9K03, 10B25

Onion Magic!, 2-1/2 oz

UPC 0-75820-00008-0

Lot code: 10B15


Seasoning, 4 oz

UPC  0-75820-20806-6

Lot code: 10B11

Seasoning, 8 oz 

UPC  0-75820-21012-0

Lot code: 9L30, 10A12


Seasoning, 10 oz

UPC 0-75820-15410-3

Lot code: 9J29, 9L09, 9L29, 10B11, 10B18

Seasoning, 20 oz 

UPC 0-75820-15222-2

Lot code: 9K17, 9K19, 10A13

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