Bill Marler, Goya Recall & More

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We always enjoy free publicity. This past week US Food Safety’s Twitter page was listed among The Who’s Who of Food Safety on Twitter.

Bill Marler, who I respect, and Food Safety News and his plethora of blogs are geared toward attracting plaintiffs harmed by food poisoning. He makes no secret of this. The list is a complilation by of his bloggers. Listing of course, his blog first. There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn.

I found this list interesting and just for kicks, I took the list, went to Twitter and looked at the followers because, in the world of social networking, it’s all about the numbers.

Low and behold, the US Food Safety blog numbers comes in third behind the USDA and Consumer Reports. I was astonished that we beat out Marion Nestle who’s Tweet about the Pop Tart store will be a destination when I visit the big apple.

It means our followers care about what we Tweet and we take that very seriously. Thank you Bill Marler for again validating what do. I hope this blog helps increase your Twitter numbers.

Goya recall today as well. Not a subscriber? Click here.

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