When is a food recall not a food recall? California calls it consumer warning. Be aware.

Posted on March 25, 2011 by


Editor’s note: It came to our attention that the product was not listed on this blog.  US Food Safety has corrected the problem.

Apparently,  California is dancing around food recalls. Could it be because of the budget cuts? After all,  recalls cost money. With the sorry state of the California budget,  maybe a food recall is more than the state legislature  could handle. Does California realize that a child could die from lead in food?

US Food Safety is demanding that California take the necessary steps to get the Hans Brand Santra Candy off  store shelves now!   

California is doing its’ citizens a disservice. Getting sick from unacceptable lead in food is disgraceful, unacceptable and can be fixed with one word “recall.”

US Food Safety.com has a new category called Consumer Warning. It covers these pseudo-recalls or consumer warnings. Keep abreast with US Food Safety to keep your family safe.