Don’t get ill in Toronto. Hospital had food safety violations

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Nobody expects hospital food to be good, but it’s not supposed to be a health hazard.

Food serving areas at Queensway Carleton Hospital racked up nine food safety violations last week — five of them critical — and hospital staff weren’t aware of the most serious ones.

Ottawa Public Health inspected the hospital’s main kitchen, cafeteria and found violations of Ontario Food Premises regulations. The most consistent critical violation found was the lack of adequate protection from contamination.

The main kitchen went as far as lacking proper protection from the entrance of bugs and rodents, which is only deemed “non-critical.” The kitchen has used special lamps to ward off bugs for the past four years and speculated the usual manager was not there during the inspection to explain the lamps’ placement, failing “to provide some of that insight.”

The hospital has not seen a violation since 2009 and the staff corrected three of five critical violations during the inspection.

Many of the violations were resolved immediately. When critical violations are found, the inspection agency returns within 24 hours to ensure that the deficiencies are corrected and they remain corrected.They return within 72 hours for non-critical violations.

The hospital’s non-compliance is unusual, but corrective measures are in order.The schools in Connecticut that had many violations were not re-inspected that frequently.  State officials should take cues from our neighbors in the north and put safety of the children before budget cuts.

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