Cell phones have more bacteria than a public toilet

Posted on May 13, 2011 by


Studies show that a typical cell phone has more bacteria than a public toilet. While there are conflicting sides as to whether these bacteria can get you sick, you have to ask why a cell phone? Very simply, peoples’ hands are growing “fields” for bacteria and the heat generated from the internal mechanisms in the phone is the perfect nesting ground for bacteria to grow and survive.  And in the case of teenagers and those with poor hygienic habits, these bacteria can be passed around like a newspaper on public transportation. Kids these days share everything – from fast food to drinks to cell phones.

The number one bacteria found on the phones is Salmonella which can cause typical flu like symptoms – abdominal pains, nausea, vomiting, headaches and the like. Most cases of salmonella go unnoticed as just “a bad tummy today.” Few of the more extreme cases require a physician’s care. What about office phones? There is still the possibility but not as great as the cell phone. What to do? Often, at least weekly, wipe down your cell (and your families’) with an antibacterial cleaner. And, of course, wash your hands often. Most of these types of bacteria contamination passes from person to person. Go and wash your hands again.

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