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By Alptamise Hailey-Hinds

Depending on where you get your food you could be eating a very toxic compound called Thrombin.
For years meats packing companies and butchers have been binding a toxic powder or resin called thrombin in order to preserve it and compress your meat products in order to preserve waste and extend the life of the meats that you are consuming and buying in your local store.

These companies have become molding masters reforming and pressing together meat like, fish, chicken pork and beef with thrombin and other powdered resins. So that you think the nice juicy looking prime choice steak that you are about to mow down with your potatoes is a good deal? Think again, my friend.
Thrombin is a coagulation protein that when combined with fibrin can be used to develop “meat glue”; this enzyme is then used to stick different pieces of meat together. It can be made from blood taken mostly from pigs. Thrombin is commonly sold under the brand name Fibrimex, is just one of many ways the makers of your food can sell you less, pocket more, while lowering the quality of what you consume.

Some of the TOP 5 Star Resorts you just visit may be charging you an arm and a leg for your romantic dinner while claiming to be a REAL GRADE A Prime choice, could really be ‘Mystery Meat’. I may be aging myself, but, I thought mystery meat went out with hot pants and legwarmers, and was something we talked about when it came to school lunches.

According to RX List, Inc., The use of topical bovine thrombin preparations has occasionally been associated with abnormalities in hemostasis ranging from asymptomatic alterations in laboratory determinations, such as prothrombin time and partial thromboplastin time (blood test that measures how long it takes blood to clot), to severe bleeding or thrombosis. These effects appear to be related to the formation of antibodies against bovine thrombin and/or factor V which in some cases may cross react with human factor V, potentially resulting in factor V deficiency.

Studies showed that repeat clinical applications of topical bovine thrombin increase the likelihood that antibodies against thrombin and/or factor V may be formed. Patients with antibodies to bovine thrombin preparations should not be re-exposed to these products. Because of its action in the clotting mechanism, THROMBIN-JMI (thrombin topical bovine origin) must not be injected or otherwise allowed to enter large blood vessels. Results like extensive intravascular clotting and even death can occur.

The use of Thrombin coagulant was last year in England. Authorities felt they were misleading consumers to think they are getting a prime cut for their money.

Recent claims state that since the EU (European Union) brought back the use of the new glue, Thrombian, or Transglutaminase, right along with Australia, Canada and the US. The FDA, claiming, of course, now deems it GRAS (generally recognized as safe).

All but one of the European Union nations voted in favor of using Thrombian, or Transglutaminase (TG). They now join other developed nations such as the U.S., Canada, and Australia who approved the product.
This has always been so interesting to me. These companies are so cleaver at finding ways to make a dollar while sacrificing your health. Then they tear down Organic farmers with comments about the cost while they send us to the hospital with unfamiliar medical issues that we have to buy yet another medication for. My thought is if they did their job the right way, more people would live longer and buy more from them because they produced quality food with integrity. I don’t understand why companies don’t get that.
After watching movies like ‘Food, Inc’, consumers would rather survive by spending more money on organics to eat better, because they now realize that by eating better they won’t require the medications that are now found to be even more toxic that the food we eat. Stay safe, always check your food sources.

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