Publix not involved in Ground Turkey Recall

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From the Publix website.

Food safety is one of Publix’s top priorities. So much so in fact, that we vigilantly monitor the regulatory agencies that issue product recalls and food safety warnings. That way, we’re among the first to know when a recall or warning is issued and can immediately check to see if we sell the product in question. If we do, we follow specific processes that include alerting store locations and providing them with information that may result in removal of certain items from store shelves or cases. We also post the details right here on, so you can stay informed about situations that could be relevant to your family.

Q: Is Publix affected by Cargill’s recent recall of ground turkey products?

A: Publix is NOT impacted by the Cargill recall of ground turkey.
•We do receive turkey products from Cargill.
•However, none of the turkey comes from Cargill’s Springdale, Arkansas plant.
•At this time, none of our turkey products are involved with this recall.

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