McDonald’s employees assaulted with chemical

Posted on August 9, 2011 by


August 8, 2011, WWMT 3 Kalamazoo

Several McDonald’s employees in Oshtemo, Michigan, were assaulted around 3:30 a.m. August 7 with some type of chemical through a drive-thru window. Police said someone went through the drive-thru and before leaving assaulted workers with a chemical. Sheriff’s department officials said August 8 they would be checking to see if surveillance cameras in the area might help them figure out who is responsible for the assault. Police said the car involved stayed at the drive thru window after getting their food and when workers opened the window back up to find out what the customer wanted they were assaulted.

Five employees were inside at the time. Three of them were hit by the chemical, causing them to gag and cough. Emergency crews rushed to the restaurant to offer aid. The employees were quarantined in an ambulance where their symptoms quickly subsided. A Hazmat team was called in to try and determine what the chemical was. The chemical appeared to be a dry substance from a fire extinguisher, but it was sent to the lab for testing.


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