NBC LA and US Food Safety

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Yesterday, I was interviewed by a reporter from NBC in Los Angeles. After a ten minute conversation, I felt confident that it was going to be a noteworthy article.

I was asked if I thought the FDA was doing a good job and about the recent rash of food recalls.

My response was that FDA is doing a good job with a limited budget. You can’t do a great job if the federal funding isn’t there. Self-policing of food manufacturers isn’t practical. The FDA Warning letters that US Food Safety reviews, shows food manufacturers with less than stellar performances.

Lack of government funding holds consumers at risk. Nothing is more important than safe food on the table. Consumers need to trust their food.

The recent rash of food recalls is unexplainable. There are a lot of small ones recently and killer cantaloupes. It shows the government inspectors are trying to do their job.

The country can go for several days without a food recall. Mainstream media usually reports the largest food recalls, however, state recalls may go unreported. US Food Safety Corporation publishes food recalls, dietary supplement recalls and allergen recalls.

By the way, not all food recalls are federal. Many are state recalls. I spoke with Hawaii Candy about their pathetic recall for mislabeling. I wanted graphics. Most people don’t know that food manufacturers and distributors write their own recalls. There is a template but the verbiage is by the company.

“Out of an abundance of caution” is seen on almost every recall. Give me a break.

FDA and USDA need more money to send inspectors in the field. This is key for consumers safety and for homeland security. Hire more inspectors and let’s keep our food safe.

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