FDA letter says Apple Juice is Safe to Drink – do you believe it?

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Here is an excerpt from the letter:

Outside Testing Results are Inconsistent with FDA’s Results

“That testing commissioned by the Empire State Consumer Project and conducted by Paradigm Environmental Services, Inc., identified a sample of Mott’s Apple Juice with an arsenic level of 55 ppb, and noted that the Environmental Protection Agency has set a 10 ppb standard in drinking water. This result seemed inconsistent with the vast majority of the test results we have seen in the last two decades and so we followed up by collecting and analyzing two samples of Chinese apple juice concentrate from the Mott’s plant in Williamson, NY. FDA measured levels of total arsenic in the concentrate that correspond to 4 to 8 ppb total arsenic in single strength or ready to drink apple juice.

Similarly, FDA tested apple juice from the same lot as a Nestle/Gerber sample reported on the Dr. Oz show to contain 36 ppb total arsenic (as measured by EMSL Analytical, Inc.), as well as six additional samples from different lots of Nestle/Gerber apple juice. These results, which are available on the FDA website, ranged from 2 to 6 ppb total arsenic. We note that, on the apple juice lot that was reported on the Dr. Oz show to contain 36 ppb, our results for that sample were corroborated by three other independent laboratories.

Here is the link to the entire letter.

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