Pepto Bismol Recall

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Editor’s note: This is the CORRECT recall information. We went straight to the source, P&G. is We noticed the recall on the Martin’s website. It has been reported to have been sold at Giant Eagle but do not have confirmation at this time.

P&G is issuing a customer level recall of 3 liquid Pepto Bismol products (Original, Cherry and Max). The recall is limited to a very small amount of product in 5 lots at 23 customers in the U.S.

This recall is not about the safety, formulation, or performance of the product. However, due to a deviation from our specifications, we have made the decision to retrieve the affected product lots. There is no evidence that the quality of the final product was jeopardized and we do not view this as a safety issue for our consumers.

P&G and Pepto-Bismol take the quality of our products seriously and work diligently to adhere to our own high internal standards and the guidelines given by regulatory bodies including the FDA and FTC.

We apologize for the inconvenience this situation causes you and want to assure you that P&G is taking all the necessary steps to ensure our product quality meets all our customer expectations.

The Pepto Bismol products being recalled is listed below.

Pepto Liquid Original 16 Oz
Production Code: 2017171953 and 2017171981
Expiration Date: Dec 2013

Pepto Liquid Cherry 12 Oz
Production Code: 2018171951
Expiration Date: Dec 2013

Pepto Liquid Max 12 Oz
Production Code: 2018171952 and 2018171981
Expiration Date: Dec 2013

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