Food Safe Guru Daily Op Ed – Dumpster Diving for food in college

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The last time I heard about dumpster diving was a family that sent there children through college dumpster diving for cans.

The article, in the Penn State University student newspaper, The Daily Collegean, “I Am a Dumpster Diver, and I Eat Trash“, brings me back to watching Animal House.

Here is a quote from the article, “But if you really check out a dumpster, there’s one discovery that will stick with you after the smell washes away and you accept your questionable habits — there’s a lot of food in those things. Good, clean, healthy food that we can eat. Loads of it. And it ends up in the trash every day.”

No doubt. There are reasons why food ends up in the trash. It’s not good, clean or healthy. Local donut shops throw away donuts at the end of the day for legal reasons. They may be good (not healthy). If a food product is in a dumpster, it’s not clean.

Here is what the college student said, “I didn’t take anything that wasn’t still in its packaging or double-bagged, separated from the rest of the dumpster’s contents. It was inside clean packaging, safe enough that I could even persuade my mom to eat one of the bagels I found.” Really?

How bad is the food at Penn State? This is not a sport that will make your mom proud.

Maybe your next expose should read, “Everything I ate in college, came from a dumpster”.

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