Is that a writing pen in your ground beef? – Raley’s announces recall

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Raley’s has announced a voluntary recall for ground meat sold at its Antioch store on Sunday, April 29.  Yesterday, an employee in Raley’s meat department at its store in Antioch discovered particles of a writing pen inside the meat grinder while sanitizing the machine. Once aware of the situation, all of the freshly ground meat was immediately pulled from the refrigerated display case. However, a small amount of the ground meat was sold before it could be pulled from sale.  The recall only pertains to meat purchased at the Raley’s in Antioch and it was announced due to the possibility that small plastic particles could have been grounded into the beef.

If you purchased ground meat from Raley’s in Antioch during the early afternoon on Sunday, April 29, please review the following UPC Codes:

·         Natural Angus Ground Beef Does Not Exceed 10% Fat

 ·         Fresh Ground Beef Not To Exceed 7% Fat

 ·         Fresh Ground Beef Not To Exceed 10% Fat

 ·         Fresh Ground Beef Not To Exceed 15% Fat

 ·         Premium Ground Beef 3 Lbs or More Not To Exceed 20% Fat

 ·         Premium Ground Beef Not To Exceed 20% Fat, Shop Trim.

We have not received any reports of any illness linked to this recall.  Consumers who have purchased any of these ground meat products at the Raley’s in Antioch on Sunday, April 29, can receive a full refund at any of our stores.

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