Food Safe Guru Daily – “I don’t get it”

Posted on May 31, 2012 by


I don’t get it” like the Tom Hanks character said in the movie Big. You would think a food manufacturer that recalls a product wants to scream from the highest mountain to discard it (or return to the place of purchase), but in any event just stop using it.

You would think they want every consumer to know if for no other reason than to limit their potential liability. Perhaps a large well insured company can take the hit from a product liability lawsuit but many manufacturers and food processors cannot; such a lawsuit might put them out of business. Which makes me wonder why a manufacturer would be so resistant to sending us their recall information and getting the word out to consumers who have recalled product at home in the kitchen cabinet, refrigerator or freezer, waiting to be consumed.

Three times yesterday we faced this problem. Twice with media representatives for major national brands and a third time with a company that simply had me astounded. The representative who returned my call said she would “forward it along” and “I am not the right person” while declining to provide the name of the appropriate contact. Yet this same individual is listed as Registered Agent and Managing member of the LLC with the state division of corporations. I don’t get it.

This is not the first time this has happened. In 2009, when US Food Safety broke the major pistachio recall by viewing two recalls in one day of the same product, Georgia Nut Company would not reveal the name of the supplier and Kraft was all to willing to give us the source. The spokesperson from Georgia Nut Company said they were “protecting” their supplier. I don’t get it.

Some things, sadly never change.

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