Consumer Questions Mott’s Applesauce Safety

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A consumer called US Food Safety this morning. He purchased a Mott’s Applesauce 6-pack and told us one container was bulging and oozing. Some of the applesauce landed on his finger. He was worried about botulism.

US Food Safety errs on the side of caution always and we recommended that he do the following: call his health care provider, call Mott’s directly, his local board of health or his health care provider. We explained that Mott’s Applesauce is a pasteurized product and it is unlikely that it had botulism.

He had called Mott’s and “they weren’t very helpful”. I called the Mott’s representative was very helpful. Since it was just one container, it is unlikely that it is a large problem. What the consumer was seeing was spoilage or fermenting caused by environmental mold. The representative assured me that it was not botulism. He took the consumer’s name and number.

I asked the consumer to call or e-mail us tomorrow to let us know how he is feeling. Keep you posted.


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