250,000 Twitter followers (@foodsafeguru) today

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Today US Food Safety hit a milestone, 250,000 Twitter followers. It has been a long road since 2008 when a senior citizen asked me if she should buy tomatoes. Sleepless nights and long days of recalls, especially the Friday evening ones.

Through all of it, we have made a difference in food recalls, pet recalls, dietary product recalls, and food safety information. We have been first out of the gate with the pistachio recall of 2009, and our Ask Heidi a real food safety expert.

How do we do this? With perseverance and a keen awareness that not all food safety stories come out in the mainstream media. We have been thanked by our readers time and time again for making a difference in their lives. I hope w;e have saved some.

Today we received a phone call from a secretary at a school systems where we have conducted a certified food safety  course. She was inquiring about Gluten Free and restaurants. How do you know when you go out to eat, are gluten intolerant or have celiac disease, if the kitchen makes the extra effort to keep your food separate? The fact is that some local restaurants really don’t know. Here in Massachusetts, it is required that you post and inform your server if you have a food allergy. Saying Gluten free may be a new language for some restaurants.

We are an independent food safety  resource and will continue to provide this invaluable service. Thank you.

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