Jack Daniels Pulled Chicken – reader questions safety of product

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From  Ask Heidi reader Linda:

Hard question to explain. this is the 2nd time this
has happened. I have bought the Jack Daniels Pulled Chicken that is delicious.  It’s seasoned and cooked white meat in 3 pouches packaged in a plastic container.  Been buying it in the 2 pk, but, recently Costco has started selling it in the 3 pack. My package is well within the  use by date, but, what happens is that the plastic pouches expand till they get really,really big and tight, and look like they want to explode, The pressure is there, as it actually pushes up the heavy paper lid that covers it. Before this product was sold in a 2 pack, and it never had this problem.
So I don’t want to eat anything that I know for sure, shouldn’t look like
this. Can you tell me what this is about and more importantly IS IT UNSAFE

US Food Safety’s answer: Look at the packaging and see who the manufacturer is. If you can get me their name, I will do some checking.

Response from Linda:

Thanks for responding to my letter, I do appreciate it.  The Company who makes this is: Jack Daniel’s. The Box label says this: Jack Daniel’s old time quality Seasoned &Cooked White Meat Pulled Chicken with Jack Daniel’s Barbeque Sauce.  Fully Cooked just heat and serve. 48 oz size.
So You know I called the company earlier, and talked to someone who takes calls for customer service. They took my info, including address and told me that the customer service dept. would call me when they do. Also I told her why I was calling and she said that the problem was “Listed” which I assume means that they have a list of people who complain about things, and it was on the list, She did say she’s had others call about this. So I’m not the only one. 
I’ve got the package here, it’s in the fridge. We will NOT be eating it, and I will eventually take it back to Costco, regardless of what they tell me when I talk to Jack Daniel’s,  as I do not feel comfortable with this product.
US Food Safety will ask Jack Daniels what “Listed” means on Monday.


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