Update: Dog & Cat Chicken Treats Recalled at Publix and Wegmans for Antibiotic Residue

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Also sold at Wegman’s. Below is the information.

The following products with BEST BY DATES OF JAN 28. 2015 OR EARLIER have been recalled:
Dogswell Breathies, Chicken Breast, with Mint & Parsley, 5 oz.   UPC 88424411241
Dogswell Happy Hips Treats for Dogs, Adult, Chicken Breast, 5 oz. UPC 88424411211
Dogswell Happy Heart, Chicken Breast, with Flaxseed & Taurine, 5 oz. UPC 88424411261
Dogswell Mellow Mut, Chicken Breast, 5 oz. UPC 88424411251
Dogswell Vitality Treats for Dogs, Chicken Breast with Flaxseed & Vitamins, 5oz. UPC 88424411221

Arthur Dogswell LLC is withdrawing certain Dogswell and Catswell brand jerky treats made with chicken or duck with a “Best Before” date of January 28, 2015 or any earlier date. The vast majority of these products were distributed via retail stores and mail order before March 1, 2013. These products may contain trace amounts of an antibiotic residue that has not been approved for use in the United States.

These products were sold at Publix, according to their website.

The “Best Before” date can be found stamped in black ink on the back of the package on the bottom right hand side.

In the event that a consumer has in their possession any of the affected products, they should contact Dogswell to arrange for a full refund by calling 1-888-559-8833 from 8AM to 5PM PST, Monday through Friday.


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