Big Picture of CVS Requring ID’s for Acetone – My Take

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The impact of CVS requiring ID’s for acetone has a far larger impact than you would think. This is not Pseudoephedrine.

Acetone products can be found anywhere. An internet search turned up 5 products on the Target website; 16 results on Walmart, including paint thinners; and 4 on KMart, and 4 nail polish removers including paint remover.

Removing gel nails with acetone is very common.

The big picture question is will other national chains get on the CVS bandwagon to require ID’s for acetone? Remember, that psuedoephedrine is sold behind the counter. Will Home Depot, Lowe’s or Ace keep acetone products behind the counter now? It is not far-fetched as it sounds. It may be a great PR campaign. XYZ store “the store that is safe for your family”.


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