The most disgusting restaurant at the Boston Esplanade

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Editor’s note: I always look at what our readers are viewing. Today, it was this blog below. It is from July 10, 2011. The reason, Groupon has a deal for a Cafe Esplanade. I don’t know if it is the same place. I am not saying don’t eat there. I am just saying that people are looking at my experience on trying to find food on the Esplanade while being an extra on the movie Ted. Keep looking and we’ll keep writing.

Last night was my husband’s birthday and, since Boston, MA is a movie making town, we decided after some deliberating, to go to the Hatch Shell, and be part of making of the movie Ted.

If you go to, which we did, you were told that both Dominoes and Subway were providing free food and that there were raffles. Good so far. We got there around around 7:30PM and planned on staying until 11:00ish even through the event ended at 3AM.

The one and only one venue close to the Hatch Shell (the same Hatch Shell that has those great fireworks and Andover celeb Mike Chicklis) is a take away place called the Esplanade Café.

The line was about 30 minutes and I should have known better. The place was filthy, the help ( 2 men who desparately needed a shower) and all that was left was overpriced hot dogs and hamburgers and drinks in bottles. Apparently, they didn’t get the memo of 2,500 people at the Hatch Shell to be in a movie.

The hot dogs were brought in from the rear in one mans hand and thrown on a grill while he and the other server was serving. The hamburgers also came from the rear, which was near the porta potties.

One man in front of me was telling his girlfriend about his porta potty experience and that he had no shoes and couldn’t use it. Then he went into more detail about what he did to relieve himself. I hope she had sufficient alcohol not to remember it later.

When I got to the window, I was so grossed out I got a Sprite Zero and no food. I told the gross man at the counter that the place was filthy and that my company taught food safety classes and his response was “no kidding”.

I wonder how many people went home with a foodborne illness from this dump. We would have been better off paying more and using Kraft Services. It was nice to see Mark Walberg and Nora Jones but the next time, I’m staying home.

I’m calling the board of health tomorrow and sending them e-mail.

At 11:00 PM still no food and grumpy birthday boy. I owe him a dinner. Any ideas?

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