Bar Harbor Lobster Summer Salad by Chef Tony Clark

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A fabulous new summer salad idea to wow your guests at your next soiree! Bar Harbor Whole Maine Lobster with fresh mango, avocado, red onion and vinaigrette! Delicious and so easy!


(1 -2) cans Bar Harbor Whole Maine Lobster Meat (depends on amount of salad you want to make)

Ripe Mangos

Ripe Avocados

Vine Ripe Tomatoes (for a pretty serving idea, hollow out tomatoes and use to serve salad)

Red Onion

Vinaigrette, Salad dressing or prepared from olive oil and balsamic vinegar


Ground Pepper


Dice mangos, avocados, tomatoes and red onion

Mix all in vinaigrette

Salt & Pepper to taste

Serve as desired with crackers, on lettuce, in “tomato bowls”

Receive oohs and aahs from all!


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