Update – Food City posts Corn Meal Mix Recall

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From an e-mailed statement from Renwood Mills:

Food City declared an internal recall but posted it to their website. Their recall involved two cornmeal products that had grain beetle infestation.  Both were produced from the same lot of corn. While infestation is not desirable at any time, it does occasionally occur in milled corn. The corn was clean at time of milling and no evidence of infestation during the milling process nor from samples tested during packaging. Food City inspected other products manufactured by Renwood Mills and found no evidence of infestation. Although it is unpleasant to look at grain beetles in corn meal, it is not something that would cause harm or health issues if ingested. All corn meal products that were produced the day prior,  the day of and the day after the date of affected product is being tested and will be pulled from inventory if found to be infested. All infested product will be destroyed.


Food City has postd the following recall on its website:

Food City Corn Meal Mix  – 9/3/13

Food City Corn Meal Mix 5 lb. 

Food City Self Rising Corn Meal Mix 2 lb.

No other information is available at this time.


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