Vodka Recalled for Glass at Walmart

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SVEDKA Vodka is initiating a recall in Missouri due to a defect in a very small quantity of 1.75 liter clear glass bottles of 80-proof vodka (non-flavored). The bottle defect can result in a small piece of loose glass settling in the bottom of the bottle.

There have been no consumer complaints or injuries.

SVEDKA requests consumers who have purchased a 1.75 liter clear glass bottle of 80-proof SVEDKA Vodka at retail locations in Missouri, stamped with one of the bottling codes below, between Saturday, September 28th and Thursday, October 3rd, to immediately notify Consumer Affairs at 877-766-2033 or promptly return the bottle to the retailer for a full refund or replacement.

The affected bottles are stamped with one of the following codes: G13262, G13263.


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