Boston Asian Restaurant closed for multiple violations including rodents, fruit flies and cockroaches

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Wouldn’t you want to eat there?

Yesterday, the Boston, MA board of health shut this restaurant down.  The two and three stars are for critical and critical foodborne illness violations and are in bold.  By the way, the Board of Health has 5 restaurants listed for temporary suspension of permits, 2 of which are shut down currently.

Here are the reasons:

  Violation 04-3-501.15/4-301.11 Inadequate Facilities/Cooling MethodsComments:
Cooked rice from the previous night being stored in the walk-in [ 49F – 58F ] six strainers of rice [ average 15 pounds each ] are all out of the proper cooling temperature per interview of pic – voluntarily discarded all rice during inspection
* Violation 06-3-501.13 PHF’s Properly ThawedComments:
Raw chicken [ 30 lbs ] being thawed out on top of cutting boards under the prep tables overnight – product was voluntarily discarded
* Violation 08-3-305-307.11 Food ProtectionComments:
All foods shall be elevated off the floor at least six inches during storage Keep all exposed foods covered in refrigeration / freezer units when being stored for extended periods of time – freezer burn visible on some meats Store raw shell eggs and raw poultry on the bottom shelves in the walk-in as discussed during inspection. segregate raw / ready to eat foods as discussed – some bulk, raw foods where being stored above bulk, ready to eat foods in the walk-in
* Violation 08-3-305-307.11 Food ProtectionComments:
Small flip top freezer was located outside the restaurant and was filled with frozen, boneless poultry [ 30 -50 lbs.] Freezer is actually being stored outside the restaurant and under the back porch. Product was voluntarily discarded
* Violation 10-3-304.12 Food Utensil StorageComments:
Spoons and other utensils are being stored in stagnant water – clean and sanitize as discussed
* Violation 14-4-202.11 Food Contact Surfaces DesignComments:
Provide scoops with handles when dispensing flours , grains and other condiments as discussed Provide scoops with
* Violation 15-4-202.16 Non-Food Contact SurfacesComments:
Resurface rusted shelving [ bottom shelves of several prep tables in the kitchen are visibly rusted ]
*** Violation 20-4-703.11 Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Cutting boards are visibly soil and placed under raw chicken boxes – slicer has visible signs of old food soils still left on the inside of the blade – cutting knives in the rack appear to be soiled –
** Violation 22-4-601/602.11 Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Cutting boards under the grinder are visibly soiled – slicer in the rear is visibly soiled Clean to remove all visible soils
* Violation 23-4-602.13 Non-Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Clean following areas from all visible food spills, splashes, stains and soils exterior / interior of all cooking equipment interior / exterior of refrigeration units where needed exterior of all bulk food containers in the basement underneath behind and on all sides of the cold holding units in the kitchen Clean shelving throughout the basement – clean behind the food container barrels where there are visible food spills exterior of all ware washing sinks including hand sinks
* Violation 24-4-904.11AB Improper Storage of Re-usable UtensilsComments:
Some utensils, pots and pans are being stored under the back porch – discarded during inspection
* Violation 32-6-301.11-02.11 Hand Cleaner, Drying, Tissue, SignageComments:
Provide soap – paper towels at all hand sinks located throughout the restaurant
* Violation 32-6-501.11-.12/6-202.14 Toilet Enclosed, CleanComments:
Clean bathroom from all visible soils – clean inside sink cabinet from obnoxious odors
* Violation 33-5-501.13-.17 Adequate Number, Frequency, Vermin ProofComments:
* Violation 34-5-501.111/.115 Outside Storage Improperly MaintainedComments:
Clean to remove all loose trash and debris that is not affiliated with the restaurant clean exterior walls from visible grease and grime
** Violation 35-6-501.111/.115 Insects, Rodents, AnimalsComments:
Heavy infestation of rodent droppings throughout the restaurant – visible signs of cock roaches and fruit flies as well – contact licensed pest control company as discussed – Page pest control company was on site 10-9-13 according to the PIC
* Violation 36-6-501.11-.12 Improper Maintenance of FloorsComments:
Clean behind the entire cooking line from visible grease deposits Clean floors throughout the basement – under all food containers – behind all water heaters and equipment from visible rodent dropping and visible soils
* Violation 37-6-201.11 Walls/Ceilings Designed, Constructed, InstalledComments:
No current sticker on the hood [ expired ]
* Violation 37-6-501.11-.12 Improper Maintenance of Walls/CeilingsComments:
Large amount of grease spills behind the cooking line – the entire line is covered with grease, grime and debris. Fire department and public health department were on site – Expired sticker on the hood system Clean to remove all visible grease and grime
* Violation 42-6-501.113/.114 Premises MaintainedComments:
Remove all cardboard and loose debris in the basement – remove all empty plastic bottles in the back room – remove all cardboard being to line shelving
* Violation 44-4-802/03.11 Soiled Linen StorageComments:
Soiled linens, aprons were discarded under the basement stairs – remove and store as discussed
* Violation 44-903.11 Proper storage of clean linenComments:
Clean aprons stored under soiled pipes and soiled shelving – segregate and store in a clean area as discussed
*** Violation M-2-103.11 PIC Performing DutiesComments:
PIC not overseeing the day to day operations of rodent activity – cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces – expired hood ventilation system


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