Michigan Health Officials close to Identifying Source for 18 incidents in Salmonella Outbreak

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Muskegon County Michigan public health officials have identified 18 confirmed cases of salmonella and said most incidents come from a type associated with eggs and chicken called enteritidis.

Agency director Ken Kraus said on Friday, November 15 that local investigators have linked 15 incidents to the salmonella bacterium since they began researching the source of the outbreak that emerged nearly three weeks ago.  Local health officials have formed a working hypothesis that the victims were exposed from a single source that occurred during the four-day period spanning October 30 to November 2.

Kraus said the investigation, which initially focused on a time frame spanning nine days, shows that 17 of the cases were related. 

“We are hoping to get information back from enough individuals so that statistical analysis can begin on Monday. We do not think that the one case that fell outside this time frame is related,” Kraus said.

“We are close to identifying a specific restaurant as the place of exposure,” Kraus said. “There is still some unclear information about any particular food item. We are also looking at individuals that were sick while they were in the facility.”


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