Darien CT police investigating Rusty Nail in Panera Bread Cookie

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 The Darien Police Department is investigating the report of a pallet style nail found in a bakery product sold from Panera Bread (store #601179) located at 1063 Post Road in Darien, Connecticut.

A female customer and her children visited the store on the afternoon of November 25th, 2013. One of the items purchased was a large chocolate chip cookie. The customer returned to her home in Stamford where she served the cookie to her young daughter (age 7).

When the child bit into the cookie, she reportedly felt something hard. Upon inspection, the customer reported that she observed a nail baked into the cookie. The shank style nail lacked a sharp point and is consistent with those used in the construction of wood pallets. The nail is approximately 2 inches in length and has a rusted appearance.

The child did not experience any injury from the nail. Initial investigation of Panera Bread operations revealed that frozen cookie dough is shipped to the local store by a distributor where it is then baked. The Darien Panera Bread store immediately removed all cookies from their shelves following the incident.

The Darien Health Department and State Department of Health were subsequently notified. The Darien Health Department conducted an initial inspection of the Panera Bread store on December 2nd, 2013; continued involvement by the Darien Health Department is planned.

Panera Bread and the distributer, SYGMA, are cooperating fully with the Darien Police Department’s investigation. At this time, there is no indication the nail was intentionally placed in the cookie and there are no other known victims. Investigation regarding the nail’s origin is ongoing.


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