Dirty Dining – Boston: Burger King closed

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The Burger King in South Boston was recently closed by the Boston Board of Health for Health code violations.

The violations included:

Provide Food Prep sink for proper washing of produce. Replace worn scrub brushes at 3 bay sink
Dishwashng Facilities:
No drain board or soiled dish area. Soiled dishes overflowing from wash bay into rinse bay.
Equipment was being washed in the rinse bay of 3 bay sink without filling with soap and water. Train on proper procedures.
Tray beneath soda machines with soil buildup. Clean to remove.
Ceiling and walls of walk in and at cooking line with soils and dust. Shelving in walkin with soils. Clean to remove.
Water coming into open food prep areas from overhead ceiling light.

The Burger King is located on 280 Broadway, South Boston, MA.

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