Baby Poop to Create Sausages – Yuck

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A team in Spain is striving to create healthier sausages using probiotic bacteria found commonly in baby poop, proving once and for all that sometimes the secret ingredient is better left secret.

As LiveScience reports, “Bacteria from baby poop can help make delicious sausages, which could transform savory meats into health foods much like probiotic yogurts, according to new research.” Let’s try to ignore how nauseating it is to read the words “baby poop” and “delicious” together in the same sentence.

In order to test the theory, a team of scientists tested bacteria from 43 infant fecal samples. I’m sure the scientists’ parents are proud: “Hey ma, someone’s paying me to sift through baby poop, so I guess that graduate degree wasn’t a waste of time and money after all!”

After using the bacteria to make a Spanish sausage called “fuet,” some taste testers who apparently eat baby poop sausage for a living said that it tasted just like regular fuet, even though all the sausages were low-fat, low-salt versions of the food. Of the six strains of bacteria tested, only one fully took over the sausage, which in this mad scientist experiment is actually a good thing because it means that such a sausage may have probiotic health effects after all.

To be fair, no actual baby poop went into making the sausages — it was simply a bacteria found in baby poop. “That makes me feel so much better!” said no one.

Still, the implications of the findings are clear. Probotic sausage may be a good alternative for people who do not enjoy dairy products like probiotic yogurt. Probiotics have numerous health benefits and are known to help burn belly fat, ease depression and alleviate stomach issues. You know, like the ones caused by being grossed out at the thought of eating baby poop sausage.


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