DC Asian Restaurant closed for Mold, Dirty Duck Hooks, Rodent Droppings

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DC health inspectors temporarily closed New Big Wong which is located at 610 H Street in northwest DC. It has since passed re-inspection and re-opened according to WUSA9.

In this most recent closure, health inspectors cited a towel with mold stored in direct contact with open food (noodles), food stored directly on the floor, unclean vegetable peelers and duck hooks and rodent droppings observed within the kitchen.

Back in October 2013, Inspectors closed New Big Wong citing the restaurant with 32 violations including live roaches, dead roaches, and several dead fish.

We aired a third closure back in January 2013, shortly after The Washington Post published a Good fortune, and food, at New Big Wong review.

There is no three strikes and you’re out law in Washington, DC. Technically, you can be closed ten times, even a hundred times, and if you pass a re-inspection, just like New Big Wong did, you can go right back to business.


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