Indian Restaiurant closed by Boston BOH for multiple Risk Factors

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The Boston BOH closed India Quality for health code violations.

BOSTON MA. 02215
Inspection Date: 3/24/2014

Status Code Violation Description Location
* Violation 02-3-602.11-.12/3-302.12 Food Container LabelsComments:
Multiple food containers with no labels, Label
*** Violation 03-3-501.16 Hot HoldingComments:
Lentil soup hot holding at 101F. Must ensure food is hot held at 140F or above
*** Violation 03-3-501.16(A) Cold HoldingComments:
Eggplant and vegetables cold holding at 46-47F. Must ensure food is cold holding at 41F or below
* Violation 04-3-501.15/4-301.11 Inadequate Facilities/Cooling MethodsComments:
Multiple foods being cooled covered in covered deep containers( bus buckets). Discontinue
* Violation 08-3-305-307.11 Food ProtectionComments:
Raw chicken stored above sauces in walkin cooler. Discontinue. Food stored in multiple locations uncovered and unprotected.
* Violation 09-3-301.11(C) Handling of Food & IceComments:
Ready to eat foods being handled with bare hands. Discontinue
* Violation 10-3-304.12 Food Utensil StorageComments:
Utensils being stored in the handles of equipment- Discontinue
* Violation 13-2-304/402.11 Clean Cloths, Hair RestraintComments:
Employees working on cookline with heavily soiled clothing. Discontinue No beards restraints. Provide
* Violation 15-4-202.16 Non-Food Contact SurfacesComments:
Handle of flip top refrigerator broken- Repair No barrier between 2 bay sink and handwash sink. Provide.
* Violation 16-4-501.11/.15 Dishwashng FacilitiesComments:
No drain boards at 3 bay sink- Provide
* Violation 21-3-304.14 Wiping Cloths, Clean, SanitizeComments:
Multiple wet wiping cloths on counters not stored in sanitizer, Discontinue
** Violation 22-4-601/602.11 Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Cutting boards heavily soiled, multiple food containers with heavy soils, rolling pins covered in thick dried dough, interiors of bulk food containers with heavy soils, interior of ice machine with heavy soils. Soiled dishes left from previous day, Interiors of food prep sinks with soils….. Clean
* Violation 23-4-602.13 Non-Food Contact Surfaces CleanComments:
Interior and exteriors of all refrigerators with heavy soils, stove and cookline with heavy soils and food splashes, interior and exterior of freezers with soils, curtains of walkin with heavy soils and food splashes, interior and exterior of microwave with soils.CLEAN
* Violation 24-4-903.11 Clean Equipment & Utensils StorageComments:
Clean pans stored under handwash sink at cookline. Discontinue.
** Violation 30-5-203.14 Cross Connection, Back Siphonage, BackflowComments:
Spray hose at sink hangs below water line with no back flow preventer. Provide
*** Violation 31-5-204/05.11 Location, AccessibleComments:
Hand sink being used as a dump sink, Discontinue
* Violation 32-6-501.11-.12/6-202.14 Toilet Enclosed, CleanComments:
Handwash sicks, handles and papertowel dispensers with heavy soils. Clean to remove.
* Violation 36-6-501.11-.12 Improper Maintenance of FloorsComments:
Floors throughout with heavy soils and debris. Clean to remove
* Violation 37-6-501.11-.12 Improper Maintenance of Walls/CeilingsComments:
Walls throughout the establishment with heavy food soils and splashes. Walls behind cookline with heavy soils and carbon buildup. Hood vents with heavy grease buildup. CLEAN
* Violation 42-6-501.113/.114 Premises MaintainedComments:
Brooms/ mops stored outside. Must be stored inside 6″ off the floor.
* Violation 44-903.11 Proper storage of clean linenComments:
Clean linens stored in outside area. Provide proper storage in establishment.
*** Violation M-2-102.11 PIC KnowledgeComments:
CFPM unable to state illness policy as specified in regulatory requirements.
*** Violation M-2-103.11 PIC Performing DutiesComments:
No active managerial control. Unsanitary conditions throughout establishment. Multiple risk factor violations.


*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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