Firefly Restaurant in Las Vegas Closed; “C” Rating

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A Las Vegas Valley restaurant chain that drew attention for a salmonella outbreak in 2013 was flagged for 38 health inspection demerits at its Eastern Avenue location.

The owners of Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar acknowledged on Tuesday it received a “C” rating when inspectors for the Southern Nevada Health District inspected the eatery at 11261 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson on March 31.

Of the 38 demerits it incurred, Firefly was flagged for violations including those for handwashing, improper refrigeration of food, food improperly cooked at the proper temperature and failure to properly store food from potential contamination, according to SNHD’s website.

In a statement from Firefly owners John and Tabitha Simmons, the March 31 inspection was random. The owners also said the eatery was cited for 1-day-old expired food in the refrigerator.

The owners went on to say they corrected the violations within hours of the inspection. A subsequent inspection the following Friday, April 4, brought the restaurant’s rating back up to an “A,” the owners said on Tuesday.

When reached for details of the reinspection, a representative for Southern Nevada Health District confirmed the restored “A” rating with eight demerits still incurred.

The Firefly chain attracted attention in April 2013 after dozens of diners were sickened in a salmonella outbreak at a now closed location at 3900 Paradise Rd.

The owners relocated down the road and opened about a month after the outbreak.

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