Wegman’s Cookie Issue

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The Wegmans in Chestnut  Hill, MA admitted wrongdoing to mislabeling cookies. According to a story on WCVB,

Nancy Park and her 9 year old son Spence purchased cookies that were supposed to be nut free but were not. According to  the WCVB transcript, “Spence is allergic to nuts. His older sister Lucy is deathly allergic. Then Spence bit into the cookie, he said, what is this? He never had a nut.  I looked at it and sure enough, it was full of nuts.”

The “Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie” did not include nuts on the label

Nancy called Wegmans and received an apology.  The company said they would remove the products from the shelves.

This event resulted in a “product withdrawal”.

Here is the statement from Wegmans, e-mailed to US Food Safety this morning:

We are very sorry for the problem experienced by a customer at our Chestnut Hill store who purchased a package of Wegmans in-store baked chocolate chip cookies only to find chocolate chip cookies with walnuts in the package. We understand the serious concern this presents for people who are allergic to nuts, and we sincerely apologize for the error. It appears that this was an isolated package, as our store immediately checked all other packages on the shelf, and found that all were correctly labeled and contained chocolate chip cookies (no nuts). All of our employees have food safety training, which includes information about allergens.


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