Asian Restaurant closed for Critical Violations

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The Bubor Cha-Cha was closed for the listed for critical and critical foodborne illnesss violations by the Boston Board of Health.

Hot Holding
Comments: Hot holding cabinet 108 F Vegetable roll 129 F
Location: Serving line

Cold Holding
Comments: Walk in 54F Beef 44 & 49F Duck 63F Fish 50F Meat 47F
Location: Basement prep

Separation, Segregation, Cross Contamination
Comments: Raw chicken, beef, fish and vegetables stored together on salad unit. Raw beef stored above pastries in walk in refrigeration unit.
Location: Kitchen/prep areas

Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/How
Comments: Observed no hand washing by staff. Observed employee wiping hands on cloth towel, access to hand wash sinks blocked and had sinks not equipped with hand soap, drying device and signage. Provide adequate hand washing.

Good Hygienic Practices
Comments: Employees drinking from open glass
Location: Kitchen/prep area /ware washing / Serving line

Prevention of Contamination from Hands
Comments: Observed kitchen staff touching ready to eat foods with bare hands.

Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Provide commercial sanitizer for use at 3 bay sink (All warewashing is to be performed in high temp dish washer. No large pieces of equipment to be used until proper sanitizing can take place in 3 bay sink)
Location: Basement prep

Food Contact Surfaces Clean
Comments: Clean interior of bulk food containers
Location: Kitchen/prep area /ware washing / Serving line/Storage

Comments: Clean interior of fish tanks

Location, Accessible
Comments: Items stored in front of hand sink basin
Location: Serving line

Comments: Access to hand sink blocked
Location: Kitchen/prep area /ware washing

Comments: Access to hand sink blocked by 2 bay sink & pots, pans.
Location: Kitchen/prep area /ware washing

Separation/Sanitizer Criteria
Comments: Wiping cloth sanitizing solution +200 PPM

Person in charge Assigned
Comments: No person in Charge. Manager was called by staff. there shall be a person in charging during all hours of operations.

PIC Knowledge
Comments: Was informed by staff that the person on record for food certification is not on premises full time. The certified food must be certified in Allergen Awareness.

PIC Performing Duties
Comments: All food handlers must be properly trained in food safety and sanitation as it relates to their assigned duties by the certified food protection manager. Employees not being properly monitored. Allergen Poster not posted in employee work areas.


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