BJ’s Wholesale Club posts Fruit Recall

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BJ’s Wholesale Club was recently informed by Wawona Packing Company that they have initiated a recall of certain “Sweet 2 Eat” fruits sold by BJ’s Wholesale Clubs for Listeria. The recalled products were sold at BJ’s from 6/1/2014 through 7/21/2014.

Products that BJ’s sold:Sweet2Eat -White Peaches, Sweet2Eat -Yellow Peaches, Sweet2Eat -White Nectarines, Sweet2Eat -Yellow Nectarines, Sweet2Eat -Plums, Sweet2Eat -Organic Yellow Peaches, Sweet2Eat -Organic Yellow Nectarines

HOW TO IDENTIFY THE RECALLED FRUIT:If you still have any fruit from the list above please take a minute to locate the Julian date on the outer package. The Julian date is a 3 digit numeric code from 001 – 365. If your package has a code of 192 or lower, please do not eat this recalled fruit and throw it away immediately.

For a full refund, please visit the Member Services desk at your local BJ’s. Please do not return the fruit to the Club.

Customers that have any questions should contact Wawona Packing Company at 1-888-232-9912 (Monday – Friday 8am-5pm EST) or visit

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