Uprising “Carrot Drink”, “Beet Drink” and in “Peanut Punch” have Allergy Alert

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Consumers beware!! There is undeclared milk in Uprising Brand “Carrot Drink,” “Beet Drink,” and “Peanut Punch,” distributed by Erlo Distribution Inc., Brooklyn, NY.

The Uprising Brand “Carrot Drink,” “Beet Drink,” and “Peanut Punch” are packaged in 12 ounce glass bottles. The “Carrot Drink” has a product code of “Jul 30 2014” stamped on the label. The “Beet Drink” and “Peanut Punch” have product codes of “Sep 30 2014” stamped on the label. All are products of Jamaica.

The product was found for sale at a Brooklyn retail store, however, full distribution of the product is not known.

No illnesses have been reported to date to this Department in connection with this product. Consumers who have purchased Uprising Brand “Carrot Drink”, “Beet Drink” and in “Peanut Punch”, should not consume the product.


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