Gateway Pizza in Florida closed for final time

Posted on August 17, 2014 by


by Doug Powell

For the past year, there have been problems and repeat health code violations inside Gateway Pizza and Pasta Company. The restaurant is located in St. Petersburg on 94th Ave North, just south of Gandy Blvd.

10 Investigates has taken you inside the restaurant numerous times, after state health inspectors repeatedly found problems so severe they ordered the restaurant closed down. Now we’ve learned Gateway Pizza has closed for good after the state recommended a five-day suspension of the restaurant’s license and a $1,600 fine, the maximum allowed by law.

Gateway Pizza racked up 117 violations on seven different inspections according to state records. The issues included live flies and roaches in the kitchen, rodent droppings on and around the dough mixer, along with rancid chicken wings.

Ironically, the restaurant’s owner Gary Darin was himself a former food safety inspector for the state of Florida.


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