Dairy Queen Serves Seven-Year-Old Shake Containing Cleaning Fluid

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It’s the latest in Why Does This Keep Happening: only a few short weeks after a woman nearly died from drinking restaurant iced tea containing lye-based cleaner, a Colorado Dairy Queen is coming under fire for serving shakes in which the vanilla syrup was seemingly replaced with cleaning solution. While several customers are coming forward about the experience, one mother, whose seven-year-old son landed in the hospital after tasting the concoction, is understandably livid.

Something didn’t taste quite right about the shakes Lisa Chase and her son, Riley, picked up at the drive-thru last week. “He tasted something funny but thought it was off his hand and he said, ‘Mom, this shake tastes disgusting,'” Chase told KDVR. After a few sips, Riley said that the drink had a strong “chemically” flavor, and that his mouth and throat were burning.

Chase then swung her vehicle around and returned to the store, where she confronted a manager who, to put it nicely, isn’t going to be winning any awards for customer service.

“He said we don’t give money back. ‘I can’t reimburse you for it,’ and I said, ‘No, I’m going to take this to the hospital with my son and you can pay for that and he said, ‘do whatever you got to do.'”

Chase was later contacted by a district manager, who told her that someone put vanilla syrup into a bottle without emptying the cleaning solution first. While Riley has made a swift recovery, KDVR has been contacted by several viewers claiming to have had similar bad experiences at the Colorado shop, some of whom have allegedly landed in the hospital.

Dairy Queen management is currently looking into whether the affected customers are protected by the chain’s insurance policy. For Chase’s sake, we hope it also includes a clause stipulating a beverage refund.


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