Did you know you could cook food in a dishwasher?

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I am always on the lookout for different ways I can use kitchen appliances.  I knew about cleaning kitchen sponges in a microwave.

This article, 7 Things You didn’t know your dishwasher could do,  taught me something I didn’t know a dishwasher, you can cook food in it in a pinch.

It is true!! If your oven, toaster oven, microwave are all being used, your next choice could be your dishwasher.

The article says you can actually cook a lasagna in the dishwasher.

Believe it or not, many foil-wrapped foods can be steamed to perfection using the hot temperatures inside your dishwasher. The key here, obviously, is to wrap the food well to prevent it from becoming water-logged, and don’t use any soap. If your oven is full, items like lasagna can be cooked in your dishwasher in one to two cycles.

Cook Vegetables

This trick comes in handy around the holidays when you’re more likely to be cooking for a large group and maxing out the space in your oven. Try cooking vegetables like broccoli or carrots in foil packets or steaming foil-wrapped potatoes or yams.

Poach Salmon

And, while you’re at it, why not throw some fish in the dishwasher too? That way you can make a complete meal. Just be sure, as with the vegetables, that the fish is wrapped tightly in foil.


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