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Fundafeast crowdfunding for food and beverage companies

Do you have  the next great foodie idea and want to use crowdfunding? is for you.

What sets apart from the rest.

In a world of big crowdfunding sites, caters to you,  the foodie entrepreneur. Fundafeast’s community is made up entirely of food-loving folks who are excited about innovative food projects and are looking to support socially responsible food startups.

Mentorship is offered to each startup on the platform, including planning meetings with fundafeast staff, as well as services from partners for things like website development, legal help and product design guidance, at little to no cost.

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The “Keep it All” advantage

The business model is similar to  the well-known crowdfunding models, except the site has a “Keep It All” policy, which means that startups can keep anything they raise, minus the site’s 4 percent fee. That means more money for you.

You Just Have to Ask

The importance of asking and what perks to give are crucial in your crowdfunding campaign.  This is a delicate topic and sometimes makes entrepreneurs uncomfortable.   The link will give you some “food for thought”  in asking and how to look at perks in a different way.  More.

   What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the financial version of a potluck dinner: everyone shows up with a dish to pass, and you end up with a delicious feast! Sometimes, there are even party favors given out by the host. Think of the campaign idea as the potluck dinner, each dish as a financial contribution, and the party favor as the reward.

About Fundafeast is a crowdfunding platform where you create your campaign and describe your wonderful idea, using text, pictures, and video: anything to help explain your vision and share your passion behind your idea.

You will be able keep any and all funds you raise, with no penalties or higher fees for not making your goal, (but you’ll make it!). You can also take the funds out as you earn them – you don’t have to wait for the campaign to end.

This rewards-based site is only for items that are food + drink related. Once you click the “Preview and Publish This Campaign” button, your campaign will be vetted by the Fundafeast team to ensure it is food + drink related. We will offer suggestions on how you can improve your campaign if needed. We do not determine if your idea is viable, that is for the crowd to determine!


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