The Butter Mill by Cooks innovations

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Cooks Innovations

Soft, Spreadable, Real Butter… Right out of the fridge!

Unlike other butter storage devices, the Butter Mill offers a real solution to a real challenge faced daily by many families.

Cooks Innovations™, an IMCG, Inc. brand is launching its patented Butter Mill; a revolutionary way to store, collect and spread butter on bread, veggies and even corn on the cob.

The Butter Mill joins the Cooks Innovations™ line of creative problem solvers for the home, such as the SimmerMat and Fridge Monkey.

“Unlike other butter storage devices,” said Peter Vander Stichele, President, “the Butter Mill offers a real solution to a real challenge faced daily by many families.” He adds, “How many times have you broken a perfectly fine slice of bread trying to spread cold butter on it? With the Butter Mill, the problem is solved once and for all.”

Free Shipping on orders over 35The Butter Mill makes enjoying the rich and dynamic flavor of butter easy again. First, insert your favorite brand of butter in the Butter Mill. Second, twist it to grate the cold butter into a soft spread. Once done, simply store the Butter Mill in your refrigerator to keep it fresh and ready to use the next time.

Finding unique Christmas gifts during this busy holiday season can be a challenge. The Butter Mill is the perfect kitchen tool for families and food lovers and is available at retailers nationwide and online at

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