Post food recall stress CNN article debunked by US Food Safety

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In the CNN article, The post-recall food safety check, Alana Hall discusses ways to know if a product has been recalled. It seems she is a fan of Sabra Hummus.  She consulted  John Swartzberg, M.D., a clinical professor at the University of California at Berkeley for his steps to check on a recalled product and to reference the FDA website. Apparently, Alana didn’t look at Kansas State University, Professor Doug Powell, or to Iowa State the “go to” places for food safety. It was easy to get one opinion.

There is so much more recall than just FDA. Many recalls don’t rise to the level of the FDA. Grocery stores many have products made at their in-store bakeries, delis or take-away bars that have been recalled, just not at the federal level.

FDA doesn’t post stores where the product is sold. USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) will post a list of stores that carry a recalled product several days after the recall.

FDA posts recalls that aren’t necessarily consumer friendly. The US Food Safety blog may post information before the federal government because we are an on-line food safety media outlet. We also pride ourselves in letting consumers know about potential food safety stories that could impact their lives, such as breaking the Chobani yogurt recall last fall.

We also post restaurant closures for food safety violations.

Stay with the US Food Safety blog and our close to a half million Twitter followers and get independent food safety information.  This CNN article is a “fluff” piece that does a dis-service to consumers.

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