Parents in Tennessee want to know how six-year-old meat could be served at school

Posted on May 4, 2015 by


by Doug Powell

Dozens of parents and students packed into the Hawkins County Board of Education, expecting answers about how their children could be served six-year-old meat in the cafeteria.

They were stunned to learn the school’s current system doesn’t keep track of dates such as when food shipments arrived or when it was time to throw unused food away.

School board members came to realize there’s been almost no such plan up to this point.

“People got it, it was normal and it was a just no. it was not normal once you tasted it obviously,” said Olivia Ewing, Cherokee High School senior.

On Thursday, 10News reported that some schools in the system had served six-year-old pork last week. The meat had been frozen up until preparation.

Board of Education Chairman Chris Christian is working to find out when the meat arrived at the schools.

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