Hundreds are expected to show up at Nestle bottled water plant to deliver petition over drought.

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With water in short supply, should companies like Nestle stop bottling water from California? Hundreds of protesters across the state will try to convince Nestle and other manufacturers to do just that on Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Tim Molina is one of an estimated 200 protesters with “The Courage Campaign” that are expected to show up at the Nestle bottled water plant in south Sacramento.

“It’s going to take a lot of tough decisions to deal with the drought,” Molina said. “The drought is only getting worse. We’re running out of water. We’re literally running out of water and if Nestle and other corporations continue this business as usual model, we’re going to run out.”

The protesting group plans to personally deliver to Nestle a petition signed by over 500,000 Californians, calling for an immediate end to bottling California water. Hundreds of other protestors will converge on another Nestle plant in Los Angeles. Molina said Nestle can take action if they want to.

“Starbucks recently took leadership and they moved their bottling operations, Ethos, to Pennsylvania to do their part in this drought, so Nestle could theoretically follow that example.” Molina pointed out.

The protest is expected to be peaceful. Molina hopes others will join, but also, to stop buying water bottled in California if they can.

Nestle is using city water, but city officials said the company is only taking a fraction of the available water in Sacramento, and is not even on the top 10 list of water consumers in the city. The company also pays the same rate for water as anyone else. Rhea Surran, spokesperson for the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities said that could change, but not anytime in the near future.

“Under the governor’s mandate, we are considering tiered water rates and that will probably be in a couple of years when we are fully metered in the city,” she said.

But, a couple of years is too long of a wait for the protesters. Protesters said farmers are already running out of water, especially in the Central Valley; right now, their livelihood and future depends on the extreme water conservation from others.

“We do need to stop bottling water until we know how much we are using, and how much we have left before we run out.” Said Molina.

A spokesperson for Nestle gave News10 this statement:

“We’ve reached out to the protesters to understand their concerns and we are working to ensure a day of peaceful demonstrations for all involved. We appreciate the opportunity to engage in dialogue – and in meaningful action – to address California’s water challenges. We are hopeful that the public discussion around water use – including these efforts – leads to positive collective action.”


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