Food shopping and Avian Flu

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I am a scratch baker. I don’t like chemicals in the food I prepare for my family so I start from the beginning, eggs, flour, sugar, butter and just follow along with the recipe. Did I say eggs?

I had one lonely egg in my refrigerator. Time to go food shopping, and last night was the night. I needed more than just eggs, but it was my usual list, nothing out of the ordinary.

Aisle 1 is dairy and it is actually aisle one plus  several smaller sections with specialty foods like eggs, and dairy desserts. I made my way past butter and cheese and there they were eggs. I needed two dozen. Right off I noticed that the store brands that have the cardboard container had been replaced by a fancy cardboard container. The writing was different and it had  a coupon for sliced cheese. The eggs were white not brown like I usually buy. I also went into sticker shock. Egg prices had jumped a dollar in a matter of weeks.

I noticed a sign in front of the eggs that said the store was apologizing for the price increase do the egg shortage and Avian Flu.  I guess they were afraid no one had seen the news. It’s not the market’s fault.

So I bought the two cartons of eggs and went on with my grocery shopping. I can’t imagine what other stores are charging for eggs right now. It is a staple item, like milk.

I know there are “experts” that will give you ideas of cooking without eggs during this crisis. We can weather this outbreak. We just need to be creative.

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