Cheese Slices Recall

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The following recall was posted on the Stop & Shop website.

PRODUCT RECALL: Borden Individually Wrapped Cheese Slices (2 UPCs)

Recall Date: Jun 13, 2015

Borden 2% American Cheese Slices – 12 OZ
UPC: 5300000614
Codes: All code dates from 9/28/15 through 11/18/15

Borden Fat Free American Cheese Slices – 12 OZ
UPC: 5300000675
Codes: All code dates from 8/10/15 through 11/24/15

Concerned customers may return any of the specific products for a full refund.

Recall information: Borden Dairy Company is recalling the following products because of a packaging malfunction that may cause material to become stuck to the product as it is opened.

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