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US Food Safety informed consumers about deadly issues from imported dog treats from China. What we didn’t know was that some dog food ingredients were harmful or potentially deadly.

US Food Safety and are working together to get the word out to dog owners everywhere that quality ingredients matter in dog food.


Their research shows that 70% of dog owners don’t know or don’t care about all the ingredients in their dog’s food? Almost 20 percent of dog owners “don’t know any of the ingredients” in  their dog’s food.

They spoke with top veterinarians, dog trainers, and university researchers to uncover the truth about dog food and raise awareness around this fact.

gI_88997_guideDog owners don’t want “man’s best friend” sick or in the worst case, to die. Like people, dogs can can suffer with kidney failure, allergies, obesity or die.  These are some results of dogs consuming commercial dog food with poor ingredients.

Reviewing data over 15 years, discovered poor manufacturing practices and toxic substances in dog food. That was only the start.  In 2015, some dogs are being fed dog food filled with harmful, low-quality ingredients, like preservatives, grain fillers, “dry rendered tankage,” and even other dead pets, sad but true.

The process

Collecting proprietary data from research, surveys, expert inputs, and reviewing  over 2,000 formulations, the goal of was to uncover the truth and raising awareness about safe and healthy dog food.

Quotes from noteworthy project contributors and research highlights.

–Some believe in a raw-only diet to control every substance their pet consumes, while others feed a commercial diet. However, every expert agrees on quality ingredients.

–There are specific ingredients found in many dog foods to avoid. “Dogs don’t digest corn well, if at all. Wheat, Soy, and Beet Pulp should also be avoided,” says author and lecturer, Darlene Arden.

–Many popular ingredients lead to allergies, digestive problems, obesity, and even behavior issues. “If not healthy and feeling good the dog cannot focus or concentrate. Plus if [the] dog is not fed correctly it can result in physical defects which affect temperament,” says long-time dog trainer, Martin Deeley.

–There is an over-saturation of the market. “Personally I feel there’s so much choice nowadays it’s a huge pressure on dog owners to make that important decision,” says TV veterinarian, Marc Abraham.

To see other important findings and a list of approved, healthy choices, check out the full dog food article.

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