Chipotle Mexican Grill closed for Critical Foodborne Illness Violations – Update

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At 4:30PM today, I spoke with Anthony at Chipotle. He said the refrigerator was “clogged” and the employees couldn’t be in there while they were fixing the refrigerator. They re-opened the same day. I hope the refrigerator is consistent now.

The Boston, MA board of health has posted the following restaurant closure for critical foodborne illness violations.

BOSTON MA. 02115
Inspection Date: 7/10/2015

**Cold Holding
Comments: The reach-in unit in the fron is not working properly cheese 55F, guacamole 55F. Provide proper cold holding of 41F or below. The walk-in cooler is not working properly the outside thermometer is reading 59F and the food is out of temperature; cheese 60F, raw steak 52F, raw chicken 48F, marinated chicken 51F, fully cooked barbacoa 55F, fully cooked carnitas 52F. Provide proper cold holding of 41F or below.

*Improper Maintenance of Walls/Ceilings
Comments: The hood vent sticker says there are deficiencies again and the filters are missing above the grill. Repair the deficiencies and replace the filters. 5/18/2015 The hood was referred to the fire department and the repairs are being made on the hood to fix deficiencies.

***PIC Performing Duties
Comments: The establishment is open and operating with the refrigerator not working. The refrigeration has been inconsistent. The manage needs to be able to take active managerial control and eliminate risk factor violations.

*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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