Giant and Stop & Shop post Koch Food Chicken Cravers Recalls

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Giant and Stop 7 Shop post the following recalls on their website:

PRODUCT RECALL: Koch Foods Chicken Oven Cravers

Recall Date: Jul 16, 2015

Koch Oven Cravers Broccoli and Cheese – 10 OZ
UPC: 4542145512
Codes: All Codes

Koch Oven Cravers Chicken Parmesan – 10 OZ
UPC: 4542153140
Codes: All Codes

Koch Oven Cravers Cordon Blue – 10 OZ
UPC: 4542141512
Codes: All Codes

Customers may return these products for a full refund. Additional questions should be directed to Koch Foods, Inc. at 844-277-6802. All production codes of this product have been pulled out of extreme caution, but the supplier has only indicated that a Best by 7/14/2016 through 10/10/2016 are impacted.

Recall information: Koch Foods, Inc. has issued a Recall, due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria. This product should be located in the Meat Department Frozen Case.

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