Delivery & Catering service closed by Boston BOH

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The Boston Board of health has closed the following food delivery and catering service for healthcode violations.

Inspection Date: 7/23/2015

Status Code Violation Description Location
*** Violation 03-3-501.16(A) Cold HoldingComments:
Foods being stored in pepsi cooler mac & cheese 68F, cooked ground beef 61F. Foods being stored in walk in refrigerated unit: collard greens 62F, potato salad 50F, watermelon 46F. Store cold foods at 41F or below.
* Violation 04-3-501.15/4-301.11 Inadequate Facilities/Cooling MethodsComments:
At the time of inspection macaroni and cheese being prepared for next day per PIC with a temperature of 145F tightly wrapped not being cooled properly . PIC stated normally cools product wrapped in walkin refrigerator. Ensure proper cooling methods to cool foods to 41F or below within 6 hours. Walkin registering temperature of 46F. Repair.
* Violation 08-3-305-307.11 Food ProtectionComments:
At the time of inspection observed employees cooking burgers outside on two open grills on soil surface next to dumpster with no handwash station and means of adequate refrigeration. Discontinue. Store food protected and prepare in commercial kitchen.
*** Violation 12-2-301.12-.15 Adequate Handwashing/Where/When/HowComments:
At the time of inspection staff observed cooking hamburgers & hotdogs on an open outside grill with no access to adequate handwashing.
* Violation 24-4-903.11 Clean Equipment & Utensils StorageComments:
Multiple utensils and catering equipment being stored on the floor rear office area. Wash/rinse/sanitize/air dry and store properly.
* Violation 25-4-904.11 Single Service Articles Stored, DispensedComments:
Single service cutlery being stored on the floor in open plastic bag exposed to dust and filth. Store properly in protected area with handles presented.
* Violation 32-6-501.11-.12/6-202.14 Toilet Enclosed, CleanComments:
Rear mens employee bathroom with toilet and fixtures dissembled. No running water at handsink. Obtain proper building permit for any changes to physical facilities. Floor soiled in men’s room clean to remove.
* Pass 33-5-501.13-.17 Adequate Number, Frequency, Vermin ProofComments:
Open construction dumpster outside accumulated with refuse. Clean to remove & maintain dumpster closed when not in use. Open construction dumpster being stored on property. Provide closed dumpster.
* Violation 37-6-201.11 Walls/Ceilings Designed, Constructed, InstalledComments:
Ceiling tiles in front service area absorbent acoustic. Replace with smooth, durable & cleanable tiles.
Servicing line
* Violation 42-5-203.13 Mop Sink not ProvidedComments:
Mop sink was removed upon reinspection in back storage room. Provide mop sink and remove food products now stored mop room or relocate mop sink where food equipment and paper goods are not subject to contamination.
*** = Critical Foodborne Illness
** = Critical
* = Non Critical

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